Although the COP25 is known as the COP of the "Ambition" given the need for all countries to increase their environmental commitments, Chile has wanted to highlight 7 additional topics:

Oceans: The ocean is a mitigator of climate change because it captures a substantial part of greenhouse gases. This phenomenon has an effect on the ocean that causes temperatures and swells to increase, among others.

Antarctica: The Antarctic and the Arctic are large reservoirs of water, we must take care of them and avoid the loss of huge masses of ice as a result of global warming, which could lead to a rise in sea level of up to one meter before the end of this century.

Electromobility: Electromobility goes hand to hand with the generation of energy from renewable sources, which makes it possible to have a more sustainable clean transport system. Santiago is the second city in the world with more electric buses.

Renewable energies: Renewable energies are very important to allow sustainable development since they do not generate greenhouse gas emissions (unlike fossil fuels such as coal, diesel and gas). Chile is a country that has achieved a rapid penetration of renewable energies without subsidies. We were recognized by Bloomberg, this year, as the first country to invest in renewable energy.

Circular Economy: We have the Law that prohibits the delivery of Plastic Bags of Trade in the entire National Territory. In addition, we implemented the Waste Management Law, the Extended Responsibility of the Producer and the Promotion of Recycling. Everything, through the elaboration of regulations that will establish collection and valorization goals for tires; containers and packaging. We have a stamp of circularity and we are developing initiatives that aim to reduce the use of plastic, such as the Chao Bolsas campaign, which tries to sensitize and discourage the use of plastic bags by the public.

Ecosystems and Forests: Forests are captive of greenhouse gases, therefore helping to mitigate climate change. Chile has a forestry sector that is capturing, unlike other countries where there is heavy deforestation.

Biodiversity: With the objective of halting the deterioration of 40 wetlands in a first stage and preserving their rich biodiversity, the Ministry of the Environment launched the National Plan for the Protection of Wetlands for the period 2018-2022. In addition, we work on the Plan that creates the Service of Biodiversity and Protected Areas (SBAP).